Episode 67: Beast Mode

December 8, 2018

Rob and the guys talk about being strong spiritually, morally, emotionally and physically, 15-year-old Motorsports driver Sam Mayer shares his faith and singer Namarah performs live.


Episode 66: It’s Not For You

December 2, 2018

Rob and the guys discuss God’s timing, dealing with rejection and NFL agent Molly McManimie shares her faith journey. 


Episode 64: Give Your All

November 17, 2018

Rob and Pastor Kyle discuss serving the Lord through our work ethic, New Orleans Saints tight end Ben Watson talks about putting God first and bestselling author Heather Monahan joins the guys to chat about it her book “Confidence Creator”


Episode 63: Judgment Free

November 15, 2018

Rob and Pastor Kyle discuss the importance of avoiding judgment of others, Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw shares his faith in Christ and Pastor Scott Foreman joins the show to discuss theministrydad.com. 


Episode 62: No Dress Code

November 2, 2018

Former NFL center Jamie Dukes joins the guys to discuss why a relationship with Christ trumps religion.


Episode 61: You’re Not Who They Said You Were

October 24, 2018
American Ninja Warrior Maggi Thorne and the guys talk about not allowing our past define us. 

Episode 60: Let’s Make a Deal

October 16, 2018

Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach Tony Dungy talks about taking a stand for Christ, refusing to forfeit his soul for worldly gain and being a Christian player/coach/broadcaster in the NFL.


Episode 59: Are You Listening?

October 10, 2018

Former All-Pro kicker Matt Stover talks about God’s guidelines: acting justly, showing mercy and walking humbly.


Episode 58: Don’t @ Me

September 22, 2018

Cardinals Star Matt Carpenter and media personality Meisha Johnson share their faith journey, and Rob and the guys talk about living to please God instead of others.